July 16, 2020

Alfie proposes in the veggie garden

There are two new souls in my big house

There’s my wonderful boy and there’s his Mr Mouse

It’s perfect they’ve come together

It’s fantastic to share the joy

Because all those years ago

That Alfie was brought here by Boy.   

He turned up one day after school

When Boy was just about ten

And now 19 years later

They’re together once again.

One’s here to sit out Covid

In his mum’s big big house

One’s here to try his luck

With she we call Mrs Mouse.

They’ve both found a welcome refuge

They’re both happy as can be

There’s joy and food and wellbeing

And there’s a very happy me.

I saw Mrs Mouse on the weekend

In a highly excited state

I think she was getting ready

For a very special date.

I’d heard Mr Mouse, that’s Alfie

With her daughter, having a chat

I heard the word betrothal

And I thought, well finally that’s that!

Then I spied them out in the veggie patch

A long walk just before dark

Returning arm in arm

I thought he’d made his mark.

Her eyes were sparkling as they should

For a girl who’s met her match

And the ring around her paw

Was not found in the veggie patch.

Our Alfie had made an effort

To capture our Mrs Mouse

And soon there’ll be a wedding

In the big big country house.

With huge thanks again to the talented @rozi_clarkeartist for the wonderful drawing.

Instagram @tuscanvillarental