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“It is a truly magical part of the world.”

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I Cinghiali is my home, not just a rental property and I like to make sure each rental is a win-win situation. Sometimes this means you having a conversation so that you feel a greater level of certainty about renting so far from home. Or we can have a conversation via email to make sure what you want can be accommodated at I Cinghiali.

If you are able to call, I will be able to offer information and advice as well as let you know if the time of your intended visit is available. Otherwise please use the form below for this information and a booking form.

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The Australian representative of I Cinghiali can be contacted on: Telephone +61 418 334 642
The owner can be contacted on +44 (0) 7906136601

The property is owned by Dr Buzz McCarthy.

Please complete the form below to make enquiries.

Whilst most of the photos are (c) Buzz McCarthy I am indebted to a group of locals including Ivano Stefani for some of their best.

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