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 Interlude with Wild Boars:

Journeys in Northern Tuscany

“Who could ask for a better place: views, food, wine, atmosphere and time standing still.”

As a 22-year-old exploring Italy for the first time, living on ten bob a day, my declaration “one day I will buy a villa in Tuscany” was hugely amusing to my 3 travelling companions.

The dream remained and 19 years later came the search. Then the restoration – of a crumbling ruin without water, electricity, kitchen, bathroom, heating and only a few tiles on the roof. But it had a view to compensate for everything else.

Wild Boars explores the values and lifestyle in a rural valley that remains in empathy with a simpler age. It embraces personal and logistic challenges over a 14-year period and through a year of full-time residence including domestic violence Italian style, the intricacies of Italian bureaucracy, the near death experience of my husband from a hornet sting and Hugo attending the local school as the only non-Italian speaker.

After a 20-year dream to own a villa in Tuscany, these were the deciding words and emotions when Buzz McCarthy stood on the crumbling terrace of “The Wild Boars” one hot sunny day in 1988 and said “If you can’t catch a dream once in a lifetime, why are we here?”.

This is a thought-provoking book on life and dreams, travel, food and relationships in rural Tuscany.

Buzz’s passion for Italy and passion for life will inspire readers to question their own beliefs and wonder if the dreams they dream are what they really want.

In 2010 the honour of Distinguished Citizen was conferred upon Buzz by the Mayor of San Romano for her book on the area and bringing many visitors to I Cinghiali.

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 Living the Dream:

Australians in Italy

In Covid 2020 Buzz and fellow Aussie Nikki Taylor collaborated on this book, inviting other Australians to share what motivted them to leave Sydney surf and Melbourne metro and Perth wineries to permanently move to Italy.  Each has written in their own words, complete with a fabourite recipe and the ten things they love most about their region, whether Florence, rural Tuscany, Puglia and the south, Rome, Sicily or Milano.

Not just love stories of Italy; of fragrant tomatoes and first run olive oil, crowded piazza’s and rolling hills covered in pencil pines, these are stories of love. Of marriages lost and found; of 27 suitcases overflowing with evening gowns to a lifetime love with a sea captain, of a dying mother’s wishes for a daughter to find her dream villa in the Tuscan hills, of taking three husbands to find one’s Italian dream, and of leaving three wives to find peace in a small stone cottage. Of children born with Italian names and an Italian love found almost too far away in Madagascar. Of sculptures carved from the pure white marble of the Apuan alps and survival from English lessons in Milano.