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The Book: Interlude with Wild Boars


“Who could ask for a better place: views, food,
wine, atmosphere and time standing still.”

Have you ever wondered WHY Buzz McCarthy was so committed to buying a farmhouse in the hills of Tuscany?

Have you ever wondered WHAT it must have been like searching for a house in unknown terrain in a different language with no knowledge of local laws or values?

Have you ever wondered HOW you could have enough faith in builders and tradesmen you barely knew to restore an old and run-down villa from 10,000 kilometres distance?

Have you ever lain awake at night wondering WHAT IF I could do this? How would I enjoy it? What would I do if I had a year in the Tuscan hills? Would it all be worth it?

Answers to all these questions, and more, are woven into the 300+ page book just released by Buzz McCarthy Cavalier on the Tuscan dream she had at the age of 21, which became a reality 20 years later, and enjoyed for the entire year of 2001 with her son enrolled at the local school and the days free and action-packed for her and her husband.

“If you can’t catch a dream once in a lifetime, why are we here?”

After a 20-year dream to own a villa in Tuscany, these were the deciding words and emotions when Buzz McCarthy Cavalier stood on the crumbling terrace of “The Wild Boars” one hot sunny day in 1988.

You can now read of her 14 years’ in and out of Tuscany, exploring not only the lifestyle of a simpler age but also the challenges of health and relationships, of beliefs and values, and, throughout a year of full-time residence, the intricacies of Italian bureaucracy, domestic violence Italian style and the near-death experience of her husband from a simple hornet sting.

This is a thought-provoking book on life and dreams, travel, food and relationships in rural Tuscany.

Buzz’s passion for Italy and passion for life will inspire readers to question their own beliefs and wonder if the dreams they dream are what they really want.

In 2010 the honour of Distinguished Citizen was conferred upon Buzz by the Mayor of San Romano for her book on the area and bringing many visitors to I Cinghiali.


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