Its Day 63 and Mrs Mouse goes to the sea

May 4, 2020

It’s Day 63

I’m allowed to be free

I can go and buy flowers

For hours and hours.

But what about me?

Says my Mrs Mouse.

You can’t just flee

With me in the house.

I’ve been here for you

Now you want to shoot through.

I want to come too

To just be with you.

OK Mrs Mouse

Let’s get out of the house.

Shall we go to the sea

Just you and me?

Well no, we can not

She says, it’s too hot

And I’ve got my daughter

She too likes the water.

Just go get your gown

I said with a frown

Just make sure you don’t drown.

I’ll go to the car

We’ll be going quite far.

We can drive through the hills

If you think there’ll be spills

Please bring your pills

And we’ll go by the mills.

Up into the mountains

Past those water fountains.

Then we’ll into the tunnel

And out through the funnel.

How different the air,

We’re nearly quite there.

Down to the flat

If you see that cat

Please put on your hat.

It’s time to disguise

To avoid your demise.

It’s Day 63

We both can be free

We’ve arrived at the sea

Just you, me and she.


Poor Mrs Mouse

So sick of the house

With beach in her dreams.

But not all as it seems.

Not allowed that far yet

Not even a pet.

And we have a few

For the cat has come too.

Just look in the corner

Like Little Jack Horner.

That cat that you fear

Has followed us here.

So home we must go

Until that Decree

Which says, Mrs Mouse

We CAN go to the sea.

Enjoy my friends and stay safe.

We are tutti nella stessa barca…all in the same boat.

Hopefully Mrs Mouse will have her wish soon..

Thanks to the talented #rozi_clarkeartist …for the wonderful drawing. Do follow her on Instagram.


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