May 20, 2020

The continued adventures of Mrs Mouse

It’s day 78

I don’t want to be late

When into a shop

I can now pop.

At last it’s the day

Hip hip hooray!!

We can go where we like

In a car or a bike.

Go down to the lake

Watch out! There’s a snake!

And even the sea

Just you two and me.

But what about Cat?

Said Mrs Mouse’s daughter.

Oh no! don’t you know

Cats don’t much like water.

To the town we will go

It’s closer you know.

We don’t have to go far

Once we get in the car.

We can fossick in nooks

And look at the books.

Not too much to ask

To wear that mask.

To the nursery I’ll go

To get veggies to grow

Tomatoes and peas

And whatever I please.

To eat in the summer

When they’re so yummier.

So come on my mate

Let’s go on this date.

It’s now half past eight

We don’t want to be late.

With immense thanks to @rozi_clarkeartists for another beautiful drawing.

Tomorrow……Off to Lucca….woo hoo.