Mrs Mouse at 100 days lockdown

June 12, 2020

Mrs Mouse meets Mr Alfie

100 long days I’ve been locked in this house

Just Her and my kids, said my Mrs Mouse

I know there’s some freedoms, I know there’s some slack

But truly and really I want my life back.

It started in winter then went on through spring

And now it’s still raining like any damned thing.

My kids have grown fatter with food all around

She’s tired sometimes and it goes on the ground.

She’s had the pool opened. I’ve been out to see

It’s all clean and lovely and really quite twee.

But rain it does come and thunder and all

So outside is not yet for having a ball.

Mr Alfie woos Mrs Mouse in the sitting room

Meanwhile I’ve been meeting with Mr Alfie

He’s snuck out of the car a few times to see me.

We meet in the garden and under the house

Where no one can see us, smiles fat Mrs Mouse.

I think he’s quite handsome, I think he’s quite wise,

I think I quite fancy his current guise.

He’s been in that car for nineteen long years

He’s seen a good lot, both laughter and tears.

I like his blue shoes and I like his nice scarf

And boy when he tries he does make me laugh.

He’s asked me to go out on a Saturday date

Just me and him, not kids or his mate.

Mr Alfie picks some flowers by the pool to give Mrs Mouse

I think he’s quite keen and I’m a little bit scared

It’s such a long time since I’ve been together in bed.

Let’s see where it leads us, let’s see where it goes

I’ll be ever so shy if he takes off my clothes.

So I’m leaving it there, no more for today

Just keep me in mind whenever you pray.

I’ll promise to tell you next time for sure

Whether he got his way or I showed him the door.

With thanks again to my dear friend Rozi Clarke for the wonderful drawings. Do follow her on instagram @rozi_clarkeartist

Until next time….stay safe