Mrs Mouse meets a Potential Spouse

May 28, 2020

Mrs Mouse meets Alfie

On Thursday I went to Lucca alone

Just me in the car, my purse and my phone

It was Day 81 and we were allowed out

And wonderful it was, without any doubt.

I’d snuck out without Mrs Mouse knowing

Hoping she’d spend her day quietly sewing

For Mrs Mouse’s daughter is growing so fast

The size of her clothes are now getting quite past.

For twenty long years in this big blue car

I’ve had a companion driving both near and far

But it wasn’t till Thursday I came to my senses

This old, old friend had potential new tenses.

He sits over the mirror guiding the way

Both during the night and during the day

I see his head and I see his blue feet

As he gazes down at the driver’s seat.

I look at him now and he’s definitely male

I can tell by the length of his very long tail.

You see, despite children, she’s single, my Mouse

And this life-long friend could be her new spouse.

He’s definitely handsome and he’s definitely smart

For 20 long years, my life he’s a part.

I’m thinking a wedding in these Covid days

Would brighten the light of an otherwise haze.

But first they must meet, and see if they fit

And then we can plan it, a bit by a bit.

So Alfie I want you to meet Mrs Mouse

She’s such a fine creature that lives in my house.

If like it you do, one another and all

I’ll start preparing a high summer ball.

With more gratitude to the amazing Rozi Clarke for her beautiful whimsical drawings. Follow her on Instagram @rozi_clarkeartist

Until next time….stay safe