Mrs Mouse meets Mr Plod

May 10, 2020

Oops….is that Mr Plod?

Its only fitting that Mrs Mouse is out with her daughter on Mother’s Day but….look closely, I think the daughter has a new ally….and it’s not one who her mother likes…..

T’was on the way home

Thinking we were alone 

Stopped by the police 

Get out you two meece!

Get out of the car

Don’t you know it’s too far?

Too soon to be free

Not on the Decree.

You must go straight home

Right Back to your house

Both you Mr Cat

And you Mrs Mouse.

But I wanted my daughter 

To go in the water 

Picnic by the sea

Just her and me.

I don’t care about that.

And you too the cat.

This travel is banned

Don’t be underhand.

You must understand

It’s for everyone’s good 

To stay in your ‘hood.

So go home right now 

Without a meow

The time will soon come

When you’re allowed out

To go through the hills

Without any ills

To the shops and the beach

To whatever’s in reach.

I’ll not fine you this time

Cos I’ve had too much wine. 

With thanks to @rozi_clarkeartist for her continued wonderful drawings.

Happy Mother’s Day all…….

#day70 #iostoa casa