The Property

I Cinghiali has two accommodation options: The Villa (sleeps maximum of 11 adults) and The Studio (sleeps maximum of 4 adults). Both have fully equipped kitchens so that you can make the most of your shopping expeditions to the markets and prepare your own meals.

Private Tuscan Villa

Every year guests from all around the world enjoy the home I have created;
some return year after year as padroni of their own Tuscan dream.

Private Pool

craigs pool shot

Beautiful 12 x 4 meter pool


Caprignana Entrance

The small village of Caprignana has
around 30 houses, church and a shop and bar
which also serves as a meeting place for the villagers.

The property is situated on an acre of land on a hillside overlooking the ruins of a tenth century fortress. To see a plan of the buildings or a plan of the property please click one of these links to open the picture.

Cinghiali Fireplace

The villa is fully equipped with hydronic
heating for year-round comfort, and
a large open fireplace dating from 1826.

2015-04-09 08.31.05

2015-04-17 05.50.38

2015-08-06 13.22.34

the view to my house

Picturesque villages scattered down the valley

The villa and the studio are separate spaces and share a roof line.

market stall


Market day at Piazza al Serchio

At the bottom of the hill, about a 6 minute drive, is the bustling township of Piazza al Serchio where you will find everything you need: bars, restaurants, supermarkets, a bakery with mouth watering bread, a bottega where you can purchase wine for around €1.60 a liter, a fresh pasta shop, pizzerias, a post office and a bank.

Practicing your limited Italian whilst foraging in the markets for the best tomatoes, the latest shoes, a cheap sweater or a pair of sunglasses is so rewarding. Whether you understand the replies is unimportant; you will feel the warmth and generosity of the people of the Garfagnana who are still not used to mass tourism and are delighted to welcome visitors even if they don’t understand why you so enjoy the pleasures of their village life.

The light is superb, the mountain water delicious. The wine is cheap and plentiful, the food fresh and flavoursome. The people of the region are friendly and helpful; many know of the ‘casa della Australiana’ and go out of their way to help my guests. The only sounds you hear are the farm machinery and the bells from the village church.