Markets & Restaurants


Village markets are always a highlight of a visit to the Garfagnana. Our local town Piazza al Serchio has a small market on Tuesday mornings and Castlenuovo di Garfagnana has a large one every Thursday; a veritable treasure-trove of delights.


An old building in Pieve Fosciana, home of one of our favourite restaurants, Il Pozzo.



Sasso Rosso, one of the towns you can visit in the hills nearby. Our three-times repeat clients, an ardent group of bushwalkers from Tasmania, have left us with extensive notes of walks, which are outlined in our Information Booklet.

Hill Towns

This is an area full of hill towns, each one interesting to visit.


The medieval town of Orzaglia just below our village is a great after-dinner stroll.



Vibbiana our neighbouring village has a small cheese making shop.


San Romano, my local comune town.

The beauty of small, picturesque towns and wonderful views.


Minucciano, another ancient village in the valley.


Barga, the most important town in the area for its artistic value is absolutely worth a visit to see the beautiful marble cathedral on its highest point. Many summer concerts are held here or in its tiny Teatro dei Differenti and there is a summer Jazz Festival.


Pontecose and its ancient small bridge.



Ignored by many guidebooks Lucca has the good fortune to be missed by the annual hordes of tourists descending on Italy and is one of the country’s least disturbed treasures. The townsfolk go about their business, elegant and well dressed, riding their bicycles through the cobbled streets where cars dare to venture. The ramble of narrow streets will test your sense of directions, the fashion shops will test your credit card and the restaurants will draw you into their fold over the long lunch shut down unless you decide to walk or cycle around the Renaissance walls that embrace the city.


The old Roman amphitheatre, now cafés and shops, off the elegant shopping street of Via Fillungo.


Piazza San Martino, the Cathedral square.

Lucca Villas

On the outskirts of Lucca there are half a dozen magnificent villas that offer magical gardens, fountains and walks. Some are also available to view inside.

lucca villa grabau limonaia

The 17th century Limonaia at Villa Grabau.

lucca villa reale lake

The lake at Villa Reale is home to a pair of white swans.


Centuries-old terracotta statue of Colombina at Villa Reale.

villa torrigiani

The highly-decorated facade of Villa Torrigiani.

The hills above Lucca are home to many vineyards where you can visit to purchase oils and wines of the highest quality.

Cinque Terre

lericiboatsA fishman in his boat at Lerici.

The house is situated about 1.5 hours from the Versilian Coast where you can enjoy a day at the beach, an inspection of the marble mountains where Michelangelo worked, the stylish town of Sarzana, the resort at Lerici or a fabulous meal at Ciccio at Bocca di Magra.

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monterosso carmelMonterosso


Three of the five towns of the Cinque Terre which is situated about 1.5 hours north of the villa.