T’was on day seventy-four

May 14, 2020

My birthday card from the exceptional Rozi Clarke

T’was on day Seventy-Four

I said no! Please, please no more.

It’s my birthday today

I want to go out and play.

But No said the Decree

You must wait just more three

Or actually four

Till you go and explore.

You can drive down more ways

To the bars and cafes

You can get a hair do

Maybe even a shoe.

But it’s today I celebrate

I want to share with a mate

It’s time for a cake

And I’m not going to bake.

On Monday it’s true

We can go for a shoe

In fact, we just oughta

For Mrs Mouse’s daughter.

She’s grown up in the days

That have been such a haze

74 days alone

Staying in my home.

Next week! It’s the jive…

We can go for a drive

If we’re all still alive.

Collect the mail

Drink a cocktail

And even a pizza

Me and the Mizza.

With thanks again to @rozi_clarkeartist for my beautiful Meece on the Birthday card.

Stay safe everyone…. this too will pass.